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Q: O que significa It sounds as if youve been playing around looking for a girl friend while we talked or have several options ?
A: "playing around" & "several options" both mean that you are courting multiple people at the same time
Q: O que significa youve acting so cagey?
A: It means you are acting reserved, shy, and antisocial. Sometimes it can mean defensive, like you are hiding something.

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Q: " What youve been doing? " should i response like doing good? Or been watching? soa natural?
A: instead of "what youve been doing?" you should say, "what HAVE you been doing?"
Q: youve reached alison hendrix, im away from the phone, but leave a message and ill get back to you in a jiff. soa natural?
A: Prounounce "reached" like "reachd." Also add more space between "and" and "I'll" because its hard to distinguish. If you put emphasis on the "n" you fix it.
Q: youve come all this way, why not try some local colour? soa natural?
A: @Open-Endedness do you mean Coca Cola?

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