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Q: O que significa I YouTubed him. ?
A: lol. It’s become a verb! Just like the word “Google”, it means that they searched for him on YouTube.
Q: O que significa I YouTubed him.?
A: we like to use a bunch of words like a verb. "to YouTube" someone means you looked them up on YouTube.
we also use Google as a verb frequently. "I googled the question and learned that I was right!"

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Q: Tell me who’s most popular YouTubed in your country.
A: I don't know if he's necessarily "most popular" exactly, but MetalJesusRocks has over half a million subscribers. He makes YouTube videos about video games. He has a series called Hidden Gems on his channel, and when he features games on there that most people have overlooked or forgotten about that are cheap, a lot of times his videos featuring those games will raise the price because now everybody wants to find a copy of that game for themselves and it increases the demand. He's one of my favorite American YouTubers.
Q: I YouTubed him. soa natural?
A: We don't use 'youtubed' as a verb. But you can understand it, it just isn't the right way to say it. Instead you can say 'I searched him up on Youtube'.
Q: I YouTubed it. soa natural?
A: There isn't really a proper way to say it since it's not a super common phrase I'd probably say it like you did or maybe "I found it on YouTube"/ "I searched for it on YouTube"

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