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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? I'm teaching youg kids.
Can you tell me some soft expressions that discipline preschoolers?
A: In English you say I’m teaching young kids. Some expressions you could use to discipline students in English is” quiet down class,please sit. In America we make symbols that the student understand. Let’s say you hold up one finger to your mouth they will know to be quiet. You can create your own symbols to teach to the kids. For example if you hold up two fingers in the air you could tell them it means that play time is over. In America we are very fond of symbols. Hope this helped. If you ever have more questions dont be afraid to ask. :)

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Q: Many Japanese youg girls long for narrow legs and thighs, while I doubt if Japanese boys regard them as attractive. soa natural?
A: @tca53london@thisisnotausername Thanks for your reply!
Q: If youg want to learn chinese .You can add me!

A: Yep, and liang is super duper kind person. :)

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