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Q: Could yot describe what is the funny point in this picture?
A: When the bag Bursts, it will startle the man with the hammer. The board behind him says he is working on a bomb/missile. Obviously he could cause it to detonate. The idea that someone would play such a prank is absurd and that is why it's humorous.
Q: We promised that I could see you but you didn't reply and we couldn't see. I was mad at you because yot fucked up twice. but I wanted make up with you . But I thought you definitely will not reply to my message , so I posted the picture on instagram. I didn't know the weight
of the word and our friends couldn't see the picture and my japanese friends don't know you. I'm sorry. soa natural?
A: This paragraph is on the absolute edge of being perfect. Just make sure to keep your eyes out for odd sentence structures and incorrect spelling.

Hopefully this helps!
Q: What would you say when yot wanna walk through but somebody's in the way, like in aisles? I've heard people saying "excuse me" and "coming through", is there any ways to tell people to move?
A: Excuse me, please!

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