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Q: Hello, I'm Yoontae. During the semester(I'm freshmen in a university, and it ends in this week), I have wanted to have friends who contacts together by English.😋😋 Maybe it can be little different from penpal.. I want speaking and listening stuffs. But I don't know which messenger English-possible people use.😅 If you want to have conversation with me, Please send a memo here
It will be better if you want to learn Korean. Then we can learn from each other. Plus I look forward to making close relationship with you so that I would visit your country someday. :D it doesn't matter where country is. It can be okay just you are using English as comfortable as the mother-language
A: a really popular messaging app we use is the Facebook messenger app and it would be awesome if I could help you get better with English, also the end of your paragraph is a little confusing, could you elaborate please

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