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Q: I stayed up late yestereve cause I’m so exhausted in all day ,and it wares me stay up late is very dangerous.
Today’s food,breakfast an instant noodles,a cup of water,lunch rice ,fry chicken ,dinner/supper rice ,vegetable is cabbages and fried-chicken steak . These are my all foods a day.

Today’s mood ,ummmm,it’s not bad,besides look after my son,tired and tired soa natural?
A: I stayed up very late yesterday and as a result today I am very exhausted. it warns me that staying up late is very dangerous. for breakfast today I had instant noodles and a cup of water. for lunch I had rice and fried chicken. for supper I had rice vegetables cabbage and fried chicken steak. today I am not in a bad mood. I look after my son and I'm just tired.

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