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Q: Yeasterday I going to cinema. soa natural?
A: Correction 1:
Yesterday I went to the cinema.
Correction 2:
Today/Tomorrow/Next week/etc...I am going to the cinema.
Q: Yeasterday, a group of some 100 demonstrators on bicycles pedaled along the streets of London, appealing for less use of cars and energy saving. What really attracted bystanders's attention was, rather than their cause, their outfit - or rather no-outfit. Some men wore only undershorts; some women only bras; many were in the full monty; everyone with the message "No to the Fossil Fuel!" written on their bare backs. This was very Londoners-like, who, I think, have a streak of radicalness blended with a touch of humor. soa natural?
A: Very very good! A few points.
• "bystanders's" should be "bystanders' " without that extra "s," just the apostrophe. In English if the noun is plural or ends in -s we just add an ' , not 's.
• "...outfit - or rather..." This is correct grammatically but some people would put "...outift-- or rather..." just for style. I just thought you'd want to know.
• "This was very Londoners-like" sounds a little awkward because of "Londoners." One would say "London-like" BUT that is not correct because we are speaking of the tendencies of the people and not the country. I would change this to "This was some very predictable behavior of the people of London..."

Very good job!

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