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What does "leading to $6.1 billion in writedowns." mean?

What does "corporate tax overhaul" mean?

Just as it works to integrate one of the most ambitious deals in the health-care industry, CVS is being beset by bad news from all sides. A struggling nursing-home industry has created fewer customers for Omnicare, leading to $6.1 billion in writedowns. Higher wages and employee benefits cut into the gains from the 2017 corporate tax overhaul. And one of CVS’s main businesses, pharmacy-benefit management services for insurers and employers, is under attack in Washington.
A: "Writedown" is an accounting term for when a company enters a special loss on its income statement for assets that it thought it had on its balance sheet in the past, but which it now considers it doesn't have anymore. The assets are described as "written down" = you write their new value, and it's down from what it used to be.

The original meaning of "overhaul" is a thorough inspection of a machine that includes taking it apart, replacing all components that need it, and then putting it back together. Metaphorically, it is used to mean thorough restructuring or reform. In this case, it is a reform of corporate taxation (i.e. taxation of corporations rather than individuals).

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