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Q: O que significa tier?
A: Here, the word is being used to mean 'component' or 'part' of a system that is at a different 'level' . This diagram is not a typical everyday use of the word. The word 'tier' makes it sound as if 'app' is at a higher level than 'web' in quality. Really, 'app' is just farther down the output of the system.
I'm not familiar with the system but here is a source that may help a little.
Q: O que significa tiers?
A: Levels, basically.

"Know the three levels of conversations"
Q: O que significa tier?
A: A row or level of a structure. So when your stack levels of cake to make a really tall cake, it has tiers of cake on the plate
Q: O que significa second tier?
A: Tier is another word for level. So it would mean second level. We usually use the word tier when we refer to either rankings or cakes 🎂
Wedding cakes that are tall have different size tiers. The top tier is usually small and the bottom tiers get bigger to support the cake.

For rankings, if someone says you're Top Tier, that means you're in the best ranking group. Second tier would mean you're good but not the best

You could also use this to speak about levels of a parking garage and people would understand you. "I parked on the second tier of the garage"
Q: O que significa tier list?
A: A tier list is something that ranks something by tiers.
S tier:
A tier:
B tier: 7

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Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com tier.
A: There are several tiers of gym memberships that we offer. The bronze membership programme lets you visit any two gym branches you like, while the silver one lets you visit any five. The gold membership keys you visit all branches.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com top tier.
A: There are many top tier universities to choose from.

This job may not provide as many resources as other top top tier jobs do, but you are still gaining valuable work experience.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre tier e level e God tier level ?
A: In this context "tier" and "level" are fairly synonymous.

"Tier" is a measure purely of comparison - for example a "top tier" item is better than all of the items in the tiers lower than it. "Bottom tier" is worse than all of the items above it. Tiers are generally considered "higher" or "lower" than each other.
"Tier" is a more subjective measurement, and only a limited number of things can be in the higher tiers. If everybody's the best, nobody's the best!

"Level" is a more objective measurement - for example "Level 50 item". There is a concrete statistic related to the statement. Even if you said something like "high level item" instead of the specific number, you're describing the objective statistic (level 50) in a subjective way (if level 50 is the highest an item can go, then a level 50 item could be considered high level). "Level" generally does not have a limit on how many things can be considered of that level. Similar to tiers, they are also generally considered "higher" or "lower" than the others.

"God tier" would be the native way of phrasing it. It's generally analogous to "top tier", or "one of the best". It's often used in a slightly humorous/exaggerated manner.
For example, if I said "My friend is a god tier gamer," that would mean that I think that my friend is one of the best gamers out there.

This distinction is important because something can be "high level" but "low tier", or vice versa. Just because the item is level 50 doesn't mean that it's a good item, and just because the item is level 1 doesn't mean that it's a bad item.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre tier e class e level ?
A: Tier is mostly used for ranks lets say, while class on the other hand has some meanings like your School room: "I am going to my class"
Level is not really used to express it though, level can be used for pretty much everything
"Level of security is high"
But you cant say "Your level is general, right?"

So to sum up Tier is high meaning word which is used to say class/level.
It can't mean much so Tier should be used at some situations while class/level have other meanings that can cover up what you wanted to say.

Thats how I look at it :)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre top tier e top notch ?
A: They can mean the same thing.
However, something belonging to the top tier has the nuance of being part of a group, while top notch does not.
She is only looking at top tier schools. (Schools of a high caliber that belong to a group of schools in that ranking.)
She is only looking at top notch schools. (The best schools, but there is no nuance of the schools belonging to a group.)
I can't remember the last time I heard the term 'top notch' used. It sounds kind of old-fashioned.

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Q: Can I swear?

OK, as long as it's a tier one.

What does tier one mean?
A: I am not even sure but maybe it means like a mild swear, like damn
Q: What does "The top tier of shoujo fantasy helps provide us..." mean?

The top tier of shoujo fantasy helps provide us with useful models for how to challenge outdated ideas about what makes a hero, both in terms of their gender identity and their gender-coded behaviors.
A: The "top tier" means the best in a specific category, in this case it's shoujo fantasy. The part "helps provide us" could be simplified to just "provides us", as the passage is talking about how shoujo fantasy has the useful models.
Q: What does tier means in this context?
A: Tier usually means a level. Physically, it refers to different layers of seats in for example a theatre or football stadium. Figuratively, for example in education, it might refer to the level you are studying a subject at.
Here however it refers to a set of rules that has to be adhered to by people according to where they live. Tier 1 is the level with the least restrictions on people's movements, what shops and other establishments can open etc. Tier 2 has more restrictions and Tier 3 even more. In England we are in a national lockdown with everyone obeying the same rules. After 2nd December we will go back to a tiered system (which was used before the current national lockdown which started on 5th November). Prior to the lockdown, my area, about 30 miles from London, was in Tier 1, and London was in Tier 2. Liverpool was in Tier 3.
Q: I prefer the second or third tier cities as further holiday destinations. soa natural?
A: "I prefer second or third tier cities for further holiday destinations."
Q: a 4 tier rack
a 4 tier shelf
a 4 layer rack
a 4 layer shelf

are they all natural ways of calling this thing?
A: @richurchoi you can also say “4 layer cake” :)

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