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Q: O que significa a takeaway message?
A: It’s a casual way of saying “moral of the story.” It refers to the lesson that should be learned from a story.
Q: O que significa biggest takeaway?
A: Yes, you can use those as well.
Q: O que significa key takeaway?
A: Key = main, most important
Takeaway = What you learned
Q: O que significa takeaway, note is one word.
if you can give me some examples as well, I'll appreciate. thx?
A: @AndreaRojas1019: some point(s) or fact(s) that is/are worth noting or remembering. They can come from any social encounter, or any sort of media.

For example: One takeaway from this meeting is that we need to find a way to communicate better.


Some takeaways I got from that movie were that It's good to spend time with family, and that good things always end too soon.
Q: O que significa takeaway(for lectures)?
A: These are the major points the audience "takes away" or remembers after the lecture is over.

This is based on the idea that for any lecture, the audience will forget most of it and only "take away" one or two major points.

Exemplo de frases utilisando "Takeaway"

Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com takeaway.
A: I don't feel like cooking tonight so I'll pick up a takeaway from the Chinese on my way home.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com

takeaway .
A: ‘Takeaway’ can either be

- a restaurant or shop selling cooked food to be eaten elsewhere (pretty sure this is only a British teen). eg : “My favourite thing to eat on Saturday night it Chinese takeaway

- a key fact, point, or idea to be remembered, typically one emerging from a discussion or meeting. eg: “the main point we need to takeaway from this meeting is that we need to focus on communication more”
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com takeaway.
A: Do you want to eat in the cafe, or shall we get takeaway?
I want a takeaway meal so I can eat it at home.
Here is the takeaway from that lecture: I should try much harder.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com takeaway.
A: He never cooks. He always orders takeaway.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com takeaway.
A: I went down the street for some Chinese takeaway.
("takeaway" is brit-eng for take-out food)

What's your takeaway on the country's economic situation?
("takeaway" is an idea or viewpoint on something)

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre takeaways e key points ?
A: Take aways are things you have learned, things that stuck out to you in your mind, important things/ideas that summarize everything.

Key points are just important parts of the thing you are learning/talking about.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre takeaway e take away e take-away ?
A: takeaway and take-away are always about food or drink.

1. let's order takeaway
2. I've been eating a lot of take-away lately

take away could be about food and drink or it could just mean to take something away / remove something.

3. behave or I'll take away your toys.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre take-out e takeaway e Is it natural to say "I just bring some takeaway home"? ?
A: They're the same thing, same meaning just phrased differently.
You would usually say: I brought home Takeaway (Takeaway being the food you ordered from the restaurant, and ordering it to eat elsewhere)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre We aren't getting takeaway pizzas during the week. e We don't takeaway pizzas during the week. ?
A: The first one is correct. If you are using “takeaway pizzas” and “takeaway” is one word, then it is an adjective for the pizzas, hence we aren’t GETTING the takeaway pizzas.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre takeaway (food) e takeout(food) ?
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta

Traduções de "Takeaway"

Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? I ordered a takeaway online this afternoon,It tasted not bad.
A: "I ordered some takeout online this afternoon. It didn't taste bad."
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? このラーメン屋はラーメンを持ち帰りする事ができる

We can takeaway the ramen at this ramen shop.
A: That is correct, but this sounds more natural:
“This ramen shop does takeout.”
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? I whaching the super bowl. and I saw : first takeaway what it means?
A: takeaway = an opinion you get by watching something

My first takeaway is that Nick Foles is better than Tom Brady = after watching for a little while, my first opinion is...

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Q: eat here or takeaway soa natural?
A: No
Person A: I would like a number 2 combo meal.
Person B: For here or to go?
Person A: To go
Q: I usually buy some takeaway food and eat it at my desk. soa natural?
A: Very good 👍🏻😊
Q: if i’ve already ordered takeaway food on my phone and go pick it up, in the shop what should i say? I’m here to collect my food?? Or ??
A: In the UK, we would say something along the lines of, "I'm here to pick up the order that I phoned through earlier.". We generally wouldn't use the expression, "I called in..." here in the UK.
Q: I'll get takeaway tonight. I'm not in the mood of cooking myself. soa natural?
A: I'll just order a takeaway tonight. I am not in the mood to cook.

"Cooking myself" sounds scary to me.
Q: Can you teach me the takeaway to learn a language quickly? soa natural?
A: *to learning

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