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Q: O que significa "I’d long been a subscriber to this latter camp. "?
A: I belong to the second group just mentioned.
Camp can be used to mean a group of people who share beliefs or values. When you describe two things, the first is the former, the second is the latter.
Q: O que significa Lapsed subscribers?
A: People who used to subscribe but no longer do so

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre I am a subscriber of your insta e I'm a subscriber to your Instagram e I'm a subscriber on your Instagram ?
A: Follower is the more appropriate term when it's for Instagram. Subscriber is used for Youtube, other platforms.

You can say, "I follow you on Instagram." or "I'm your follower on Instagram."

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? He got 10k_subscribers or he got got 10k OF subscribers
A: "He got 10k subscribers" should be correct

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Q: "She has over 1,350,000 subscribers on YouTube." soa natural?
A: It's correct.
Q: I wish I helped, but I've already been your subscriber! soa natural?
A: I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to say... Could you maybe wrote what you wanted to say in Korean so I could double check?

I think this is what you were aiming for though:
I wish I could help, but I'm already a subscriber.
Q: I'm a subscriber of Good mythical morning on Youtube, and they challenged to eat snickers pickle.

They opened the jar. And Rhett saw the snickers pickle and said "it's spoony"

So in this context, Spoony means something supposed to be used with a spoon. Right?

However my dictionary says it means a stupid or week-minded.
And i couldn't find things that have the first meaning on Google.

Does people use 'spoony' as Rhett's meaning as well or?
A: Hi Nikasong. I just watched that last night too. So funny.

Rhett and Link often make up funny words. So when they said "it's spoony ", He just meant they should probably use a spoon to eat it. It's not a real word I think.

It's so great to know another person on here watches those funny guys.
Q: I'm very disappointed in you, we were worried. All this was for a few subscribers. If I were you,I would be embarrassed. soa natural?
A: You should say:
"I'm very disappointed in you; we were worried. All of this was for a few subscribers. I would be embarrassed if I were you."

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