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Q: O que significa sonnet?
A: it is a type of poem with 14 lines, the most famous sonnets are probably Shakespeare's
Q: O que significa In this sonnet, an older man urges a young one to find someone to bear his child, so that his good looks are replicated and he does not die without heirs. ?
A: He has a child with someone who is young so that his good looks are passed on and he will someone to pass his inheritance to. I hope this helps.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? sonnet
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Q: I wrote a sonnet about my mom, but does it really make sense?

If I were to describe you in words,
My attempt is audacious, it’d be lowbrow,
you are worth more than all the words
I know. Your illuminated life that I borrowed,

I’d like to pay it back, but it’s too tremendous.
You’ve always supported us come what may
You, the most adored, most dear, most loved
I see you’ve done enough for your duty

You’ve relinquished your most brilliant
in favors of ours. When we didn’t deserve it.
You are the reason for my life,
My words confine my love towards you.

I love you in a way no one else can.
I love you much more than love itself can.
A: Just capitalize the first letter of each line.
This is quite good.
Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar sonnets.
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Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar sonnets .
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Q: In sonnet 116 by Willian Shakespeare, why did he use "his" but "its" in "although his height be taken" and "love alters not with his brief lips and cheeks".
A: It's to give the concept of love a human form. Shakespeare often uses this device to talk about the many different sides of a single emotion. Hope that helps :)

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