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Q: O que significa skew?
A: Skew as a verb. 1 - suddenly change diection. 2 - distort data or meaning in a way that makes inaccurate.
Q: O que significa be skew with respect ?
A: In math, skew lines aren’t parallel and don’t intersect.

With respect to the given one = based on the bolded line

Full direction would be: look at the bolded line and mark the skew lines
Q: O que significa skew?
It’s both a noun and a verb.
Noun -slanted. The picture is skewed.
Verb- crooked. The temperature chart skewed to the red because of fever.
Q: O que significa "skew young" as in "The people who use our service skew young"?
A: It means most of the people are young. Skew refers to a demographic tendency. This is basically the only way the word "skew" is used in English.
Q: O que significa skew the popularity?
A: The word 'skew' means to show bias or favour toward one group over another group.

What they are saying is that, because there are more single mothers than single fathers, more families celebrate mothers day than fathers day. This changes the popularity of the holidays.

Exemplo de frases utilisando "Skew"

Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com skew.
A: Skew its something that is asymmetrical.

This guy face looks skew
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com skew or skewed.
A: I usually hear the word "skew" in a way that means "to distort something and make it inaccurate, biased and misleading."
Here are some example sentences:
He tried to skew her perception of me.
The faulty experiment process skewed the results.
His lies about the topic skewed her understanding of it.
The results of the test were skewed due to the teacher's mistakes.

It also means to "change direction/position/angle" of something.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre skew e mar ?
A: Although they both involve distortion, I would say skew has more to do with being biased or confused ("he had a skewed recollection of what happened" or "the survey question was skewed in favour of the conservatives") whereas mar has more to do with something being spoiled or disfigured ("the burns marred his face").

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Q: What is meant by 'skew' here?
A: In this case, it is a statistics term that means something is biased towards a particular direction

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