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Q: O que significa sear?
A: burn something with heat/feel a burning or painful sensation
it can also mean metaphorically to “burn” or fix an image/memory into your head
Q: O que significa sear?
A: To sear something it to heat it so that its surface is burned with black marks.
Q: O que significa sear?
Q: O que significa sear?
A: It means to burn/scorch the surface of something. It's often used when cooking, "sear the meat".

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Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com sear.
A: I like my steak seared.
The sun is searing hot today.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? mere sear mai. dard hai
A: I am having a headache

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Q: He was crying by sear tears. Does it sound good?
A: "Sear tears" doesn't make sense (as far as I currently know).
What are you trying to say? :)
Q: sear a steak
cook a steak

Are they the same?
A: Searing is browning the outside. Meat can be seared without being fully cooked.
Q: What does "because the sear" mean?

You can really taste the onion because the sear, on this plant based situation right here, it's so strong and you barely get onion but the onion's there so you get a crunch off it, with soft bun action and SBA? BK, YOU'RE ONTO SOMETHING, AND I LIKE WHERE YOU, YOU GOIN' BK, THE IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER SON!
A: In cooking, a sear is the degree to which the outside of the food has turned brown or black from cooking. Searing changes the taste of food through a chemical reaction called the Malliard Reaction.
Q: Please sear me with your branding iron to indicate that I am yours! soa natural?
A: I'm a bit afraid to know the context of this one...

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