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Q: O que significa restrained?
A: @prominencial 1. Only able to choose from certain options. Eg. Style restraint due to few clothing choices
2. Physically restrained (someone literally confining or grabbing you so you are unable to move)

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre restrained e costrained ?
A: restrained can mean to "hold back" as in holding back your emotions or an action. in my opinion it implies someone is "holding something or someone back" with at least a bit of effort

for example: he restrained himself from getting angry

they were restrained from entering the meeting

it could also mean someone is self controlled, though there is a connotation that they might be self controlled to the point of being emotionless.

for example: she's so restrained.

constrained has a greater connotation of being overly controlled or not having much freedom at all. it can be used to describe both people and things.

for example: he was acting so constrained it was really weird.

why is it so constrained? ( referring to a situation where you dont have much freedom to do what you want )

a lot of people are living under constrained circumstances (meaning a lot of people could either not have enough money to live a comfortable life and buy whatever they want, or people are living in a place where they dont have much freedom)

Q: Qual é a diferença entre restrained e temperate ?
A: “To be restrained” means to either
1) have your freedom of movement taken away, i.e. by handcuffs, walls, or a seatbelt
2) be prevented from doing something, either physically, mentally, or some other circumstance

1) The police officer restrained the criminal with handcuffs.
2) His brain disorder means he is mentally restrained from learning.

Restrained can be an adjective or a past tense verb

temperate means moderate or normal like self restraining

e.g. Charles was temperate in his consumption of both food and drink
Q: Qual é a diferença entre restrained e constrained ?
A: Restrained is when something is holding you back

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