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Q: O que significa relay?
A: it means “passing on”

“You will often be tasked with passing on information (in a way understandable to your audience)”
Q: O que significa relay?
A: noun


a group of people or animals engaged in a task or activity for a period of time and then replaced by a similar group.

"the wagons were pulled by relays of horses"


an electrical device, typically incorporating an electromagnet, which is activated by a current or signal in one circuit to open or close another circuit.


receive and pass on (information or a message).

"she intended to relay everything she had learned"

Q: O que significa relay for life ?
A: Relay for Life is an organization that hosts running marathons to raise money for cancer patients/research
Q: O que significa relayed?
A: carried forward. told.

The baton was relayed from one team member to another from start to finish.

I relayed (told) your message to him.
Q: O que significa sensory relay nuclei?
A: receive afferent projections from specific sensory systems and proceed to project to specific sensory (and motor) regions of the cerebral cortex

es un termino cientifico para los núcleos de transmisión sensoriales, basicamente explica de manera compleja como percibimos lo visual de la vida cotidiana

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre relay e convey ?
A: relay is like a group of humans (or animals) that are together to do some kind of a task and then they get replaced by a group that's similar to them

but Convey is being transported or being carried to somewhere else
Q: Qual é a diferença entre relay e pass on ?
A: These are the same. They are interchangeable.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? relay
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? relay
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta

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Q: She likes to do a relay race. soa natural?
A: × She likes to do a relay race.
✓ She likes to do relay races.

You can also say, "She likes to relay race." which is more common and a little bit more natural.

When using the phrase "He/she likes to (verb) (something)," the noun after the verb has to be plural unless it is uncountable.

Countable nouns examples

He likes to build houses.
She likes to do relay races.
He likes to cut oranges

Uncountable nouns examples.

He likes to make music.
He likes to eat rice.
He likes to earn money.
Q: After a long relay, the plane finally took off. Does this sound natural?

I'm looking for a 5 letter long word -> _ _ l_ y
I've thought about relay but I'm not sure.


(Are you doing a crossword puzzle?)
Q: Sorry to be delayed to relay. soa natural?
A: Sorry to be delayed to relay
Sorry, I was delayed to the relay.

Is it a relay race or to relay information?
Q: How should I relay when cashier’s asking me “would you like a receipt?” when I don’t need it? Can I say “ no thanks” or “ I’m good, thanks”? What’s the natural way to reply?
A: You can say both "no thanks" or "no I'm good thanks". You can even say "no it's fine thanks" or "no I'm fine thanks". It all works.
Q: I participated in relay, so my legs are sore today. soa natural?
A: Writing "a relay" or "the relay" would be much better.

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