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Q: 1) Isn't 'nostrol(s)' sound a jargon?
2) Is this correct? "I watched the video sped up."
3) I've heard that in Korea, some taxies overcharge you.
4) On top of the taxi, there is a sign that lights up to tell customers what company the taxi belongs to.
5) The best part of the movie was ____.(don't you use 'scene' instead of 'part'? in what situation would you use 'scene'?)
6) Please make a sentence using "down the street Japan".

A: 1) I don't understand your question.
2) Yes
3) This is a correct sentence.
4) This is also a correct sentence.
5) You can use either 'scene' or 'part'. However, a scene more specifically refers to the extended 'part' of a movie before the camera changes locations.
6) "down the street Japan" is incorrect. "down the street of Japan" is correct. "There were many flashing lights down the street of Japan." [Though, Japan is a 'country' and not a 'street', so this sentence is still a bit strange.]

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