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Q: O que significa Norwegian wood?
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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Norwegian wood e Norwegian forest ?
A: Norwegian means that what you are describing comes from Norway.
"Wood" is what you get from trees, and "Forest" is a place full of trees. "Woods" is another word for forest.

Here are your words in sentences:
"The table was made of Norwegian wood."
"The wood came from a Norwegian forest."
"The wood came from the Norwegian woods."

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Q: Norwegian Wood was translated into Japanese as ノルウェイの森(Norwegian forest).

We had to translate Spanish sentences into Japanese for homework.

They translated her novel from English to Japanese. soa natural?
A: That all sounds natural but I believe that “Norwegian Wood” which is a Beetles song is not about the Norwegian forest. It is about the wood you burn in a fire. I believe that it refers to furniture made of Norwegian wood…eg teak.
Woods are both the forest and the natural materials from trees that we use to make furniture.
Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar Norwegian.
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Q: Norwegian curling players are wearing very unique trousers.
The trousers' patterns look like a girl's swimsuit pattern.
I used to have a swimsuit like this as a child.
Speaking of curling, Japanese curling team lost a match with British team in the Olympics today. Please let us win the next match. soa natural?
A: The trousers had hearts for Valentine's Day. 😊

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