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Q: O que significa lovebug?
A: It's a nickname for a significant other. It's also an actually bug haha
Q: O que significa lovebug?
A: When you/someone else falls in love, it can be referred to as 'the love bug'. For example: A girl falls in love with someone and one of her friends says "oh no, she's got the love bug."

Q: O que significa lovebug?
A: es el animalito que se le llama 🐞 mariquita
Q: O que significa lovebug?
A: A kind of car

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Q: ‎Is "lovebug" or "cutie pie" a nickname you can use for children and toddlers? As in "I miss that lovebug/cutie pie"? Or would that be inappropriate for children? If so, are there any alternatives?

I’ve never really heard the word “lovebug” besides the car (a volkswagen beetle) but it’s only really used to describe someone who’s in love with someone else, so I would probably not use it.

For cutie pie, I’ve heard it used for children , but mainly as an adjective i.e “she’s such a cutie pie” but once again isn’t really used that much.

Honestly most people would just say “I miss that kid”, but here are most of the common names kids are called from my experience :

Sweetheart (for girls and boys)
Sweetie (more american imo)
Tough-Guy or Big-Guy for boys
Sugar/Honey (typically only used by an auntie or close relative like a grandmother)

Some people use them, some people don’t , I’d probably just make sure who the kid is first .

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