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Q: O que significa “Me liking different things than other boys is getting on my way”?
A: it just seems like an incomplete sentence. maybe it means if

I tend to find interest in many different things, but after I start liking a boy then, me liking a boy is getting in my way.

me: liking different things.

then other boys: are getting in my way. preventing me from liking different things. they make me only think about one boy only nothing else.

maybe that's what it means. but it's not a complete sentence and it doesn't make any sense.

Liking other boys is getting in the way of me liking different things.
Q: O que significa "To her liking"?
A: It is an old fashioned way to say she like or not likes or does not like something. For example, these two sentences mean the same thing:

She didn't like the cake.
The cake was not to her liking.
Q: O que significa for my liking?
A: for my liking = to suit one's taste or wishes

He's too smart for my liking. = 他太精明,我不喜歡。
Q: O que significa for my liking?
A: No. That sounds unnatural.
All of this vitriol is too much for my liking.

"too much for my disliking" is unnatural.

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Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com your liking.
A: are those shoes to your liking?
is the food to your liking?
those phrases are grammatically correct but we would probably say
'do you like those shoes' or
'do you like the food'

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre for one's liking e to one's liking
⇓ ?
A: Thank you

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? “mind liking my recents” nghĩa là gì vậy ? 🤔🤔
A: it means to like the person's picture that they just posted. like (heart) cai hinh ngoui ta moi dang len sns

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Q: I’m liking Uber because you don’t have to wait for a taxi standing cold outside not knowing when it comes any more. soa natural?
A: @Lily_pcpq thank you very much!
Q: it's not to your liking soa natural?
it's not what you like

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