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Q: O que significa kickstart?
A: I think you can call it a matter of velocity. Just "starting" in a race would be without any speed at first, but if you kick a ball, the ball immediately starts moving with the momentum of your foot.
That‘s why "kickstarter" companies give people money to be able to afford creating a company from scratch, rather than having to always invest and develop your own tools and stuff. Like this, you can (quite) immediately show a lot of progress.

Not speaking about companies, it‘s still probably meaning that there is some kind of great leap forward into this person‘s future, so probably something changed in his life which made them gain progress in their life - it could mean anything, actually. Love, career, and so on. Depends on the context.
In this case, kickstarting also refers to reactivating a process that was stopped, so you can assume that person might have had some trouble, but can now start ahead again.
Q: O que significa kickstart?
A: To begin something new
Q: O que significa kickstart?
A: i think kickstand not kickstar

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre kickstart e start ?
A: They are similar, but kickstart has a stronger feeling. It gives the sense that someone is working hard to start something or motivate other people.

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