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Q: Them or Themselves. Please choose! If you think both are right, you can choose both.

‎1. Interns received a one-day orientation to acquaint [themselves/them] with the facility.

2. Birds use the sun and stars to guide [themselves/them].

3. Surprisingly, they have an internal compass to tell [themselves/them] which direction they are headed.

4. Many people exhibit preferences for individuals and groups they preceive to be similar to [themselves/them].
A: @Kyrie_Vingving it’s still “themselves” because “interns” is the subject AND recipient of the action. In other words, “interns” are the only people you’re talking about.

If you wanted to use “them”, the “interns” would have to be the object so a possible sentence would be: “interns received a one-day orientation. The [whoever’s helping the interns] helped THEM acquaint with the facility.”

Here, the subject is “[whoever’s helping the interns]” and the object is “the interns” so “them” would be right. Using “themselves” in this situation would be wrong since the people you’re talking about has changed

I hope this clears things up
Q: "Interns received a one-day orientation to acquaint them with the facility."

In this sentence, "them" means "interns"? But then why isn't that "themselves"?
A: “Them” is referring to the interns.

They are RECEIVING orientation which means that someone is helping them. If it was “themselves”, it would mean that they are orienting by themselves and that would be wrong.

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