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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? idealist
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Q: An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup. (H.L. Mencken, US journalist)
How would you interpret this saying?
A: An idealist strives for, and believes in the possibility of, a “perfect” outcome occurring in a given situation. They often have this idea of how this perfect outcome will be achieved and function.

This is in contrast to a pragmatist, who actions and thoughts aren’t based on theories or fixed ideas, but observations.

This is essentially “theory vs practice”. People who only look at theory make mistakes in their predictions because they can’t account for the tiny and random factors they couldn’t account for beforehand.

Assuming a better smelling plant will also taste better isn’t a bad guess, but it’s important to test theories and make adjustments if you find your guess to be wrong.

Often, idealists are characterized as those unwilling to change their views, no matter how unlikely their vision is, or flawed their idea turns out to be. They have good intentions, but it might turn out that what they want to do is impossible to make a reality.

A pragmatist deals with what they know are true, by observing what happens. You won’t know for sure that a rose tastes better in soup than cabbage until you try it.

I interpret this quote you gave as one the warns about the dangers of relying too much on theory/striving for ideals, and not testing things out or looking at how things function in real life, separate from this model for how you think the world works in your head. To see things as they are, not deducing something with logic that cannot always predict truth, since your logic cannot always take into account every little thing that could influence a situation.
Q: Though an idealist, the founder of Apple had a sence of smelling out the way the world is going on. soa natural?
A: × Though an idealist, the founder of Apple had a sence of smelling out the way the world is going on.
✓ Though an idealist, the founder of Apple had a sense of where the world was headed.

Q: He is an idealist ( ) main goal is knowledge.

Is the answer ´ WHOSE `?
A: yes it's

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