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Q: O que significa He was austere in his idealism.?
A: It means that he was very strict and disciplined about his beliefs.
Q: O que significa She never lost her youthful idealism and campaigned for just causes all her life.?
A: @learning257 The hard phrase is probably "just causes".

This is a plural noun, meaning 'good intentions' or 'righteous purposes'.

She remained as idealistic as when she was young, and always promoted virtuous projects.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre The idealism problem e The problem with idealism ?
A: "The idealism problem" weighs more towards idealism problems, while "the problem WITH idealism" is basically stating the problem WITH idealism

It's pretty self explanatory to me, maybe I'm just bad at explaining. I'm sorry if I'm mistaken.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre "The Idealism problem is in ideals that can't be reached" e "The problem with idealism is that ideals can't be reached" ?
A: "The problem with idealism is that ideals can't be reached"
I think the other phrase is technically correct English but it is more awkward and confusing.

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Q: "Take your idealism and stuff it"
How should I understand this?
A: "Stuff it" is a shortened, somewhat politer form of "stuff it up your ass" or "stuff it where the sun don't shine". It's a way of angrily rebuking someone for giving you something you don't want.

The speaker doesn't like the other person's idealistic attitude. The speaker is angrily telling the other person to stop saying idealistic things.
Q: It's only your idealism. soa natural?
A: I would say: ''It's only your opinion.''

If you want to use a word like ''Idealism'', "Ideology'' is better. However, this would still sound a little unnatural.

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