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Q: O que significa Historians depend on the written record. The purchase and sale of land, records of birth and death, weather reports, government documents -to the historian, nothing written is unimportant because it all contribute to the picture we have of the past.?
A: It means historians (people who study history or the past) read written things from the past in order to find out what happened. Even things that might seem boring, like a contract for a sale of land or a description of the weather, can be important. Anything written from the past can help us understand the past better.
Q: O que significa Historians explain that long ago American children living in the countryside had very short holidays.?
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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Historians exaggerated their previous history to make their new ruler more fit into the mandate of heaven.
(is it natural?)
A: Sure! How about something like, “Historians like to portray the previous ruler less favourably so that his successor appears more suited for the role of one chosen in accordance with the Mandate of Heaven.”? (^•^)

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Q: Can I replace this "and" with "or" ?

Historians do not go to documents or libraries with a childlike innocence of mind and wait patiently until conclusions are dictated to them.

(I mean that histrians do not go, and historians do not wait.)
A: Unfortunately, it sounds convoluted. There is a simpler way for you to say this in plain English with fewer words. Simple and direct will make your writing more powerful.

Here are some great writing tips:
Q: Historians study the causes and consequences of past events. soa natural?
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