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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? attached herein the document
A: ‘Please find attached… (the document)’

‘Attached herein’ could be used but it is very old-fashioned or very formal, like legal language. Herein literally means ‘in here’ so it would mostly be used to mean in an envelope. We do not tend to use language like that in normal speech or even in a normal professional context.

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Q: Unless otherwise defined separately herein


Unless otherwise separately defined herein
A: first one
Q: Which one is correct?
“I herein congratulate you on your work” or “I herein congratulating you on your work” ??
A: Unless this is a very formal letter, I would drop "herein" - and in a formal letter "hereby" would be better.
Q: herein
therewith soa natural?
A: Only "therefore" is commonly used. The other three are typically only used in legal documents.

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