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Q: O que significa heed?
A: Listen to, take seriously. It’s an old/rarely used word.

Almost always in the phrase “heed my warning” (which you really only hear in movies, like when an old witch tells someone that “great danger is coming”).

For example:
You will most certainly die if you continue on this journey! Heed my warning and turn back now!

Sometimes someone might say, “don’t pay him any heed.” For example, if someone is criticizing you, your friend might say “don’t pay him any heed” to mean “don’t listen to him, his criticisms are wrong and not worth you worrying about.”
Q: O que significa to take heed ?
A: To listen to someone, it’s used as an instruction
Q: O que significa Despite , Beside and heed?
A: despite means in spite of this, or regardless. For example, I am happy despite my uncle's death. Even though your uncle has died, you are still happy.
Besides means on the other hand or on another note or anyways. Or it can be used as a preposition (to say where something is located). For example, my phone is beside me (my phone is next to me). Or: You should see the movie with Lilly. Besides, I can't go on Friday.
You take heed of something, which is like listening to advice or hearing/understanding/noticing something. For example, I took heed of the angry look on Julia's face (I noticed the angry look on Julia's face).
I hope this helps!
Q: O que significa They pay no heed to me at all
A: They don't give me any attention.
Q: O que significa heed?
A: To take note of; a command to listen "heed my warning"

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Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com please heed 〜.
A: Please heed my advice
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com to heed.
A: "Heed" is a very antiquated word that people don't use in every day conversation. As such it sounds really weird unless you use it in archaic/antiquated/dramatic sentences.

But it means to listen to, and act upon someone's advice.

"Heed my warning, or be doomed!"

We often hear it in movies about Ancient Greek mythology where Zeus is trying to warn Hercules or something similar.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com "heed".
A: "Heed this warning."
"You should heed the advice you are given."
"She paid no heed".
Heed basically means to pay attention to/take notice of.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre heed e hark e listen e h(e)arken ?
A: Listen to my advice. (Pay attention to the advice; HEAR the advice))
Heed the warning: there are sharks in the water. (Don’t ignore the warning)

Hark and harken are archaic words; they are seldom used in English today.
Hark! The sound of an approaching train! (Pay attention and listen to what is about to be heard)
To protect yourself, you must harken to the warnings of wisdom.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre hear/listen e heed ?
A: They are almost the same, hear and listen are very similar, you hear any sound
("did you hear that?") but listen means to pay attention to a specific sound or what someone is saying
("are you listening to me?")
heed means to pay attention
Q: Qual é a diferença entre heed e obey ?
A: Heed means "to consider advice or guidance"

"The student didn't heed the teacher's warnings and failed the test." (The student had the choice to consider the warnings but decided not to comply.)


Obey means "to comply with a command or rule"

"The prisoner obeyed the guard and returned to his cell." (The prisoner had no choice. He had to comply.)

Q: Qual é a diferença entre heed e pay attention ?
A: "Heed" is paying attention, but then acting upon what is suggested. So, you can pay attention to feedback from a teacher and then do nothing, but to 'heed' a teacher's feedback means to apply it and use it

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Q: They were quite, but not paying heed to what I was saying. soa natural?
A: They were quiet, but they were not paying attention to what I was saying.
Q: "Your reclamation. then, take heed."

What does that mean? Thank you.
A: “Reclamation” means claiming something again and “take heed” typically means to focus, so I think it’s saying “You’re claiming it again. Then, focus” but I’m not sure
Q: At first,he must read the heed in order to realize deeply. soa natural?
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Q: He pays no heed to his superiors.
He just does what he wants.
He's a disaster. soa natural?
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