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Q: O que significa what does "they upended their hearts" mean in here?

they upended their hearts and emptied out every last
drop of love they had ever felt for her?
A: upend = completely empty out a container by flipping it over

They expressed all their love for her. It is as if their hearts were buckets full of love and they emptied the buckets to pour out all the love.
Q: O que significa “Insert hearts and flowers”?
A: “Inserts something” is a cute way to express some emotion. For example, “My boss gave me a promotion today. Inserts happy face. Thanks boss!” In this case, “inserts happy face” means, “imagine me with a happy face on.” In her writing in your example, she means “imagine me with 💕 and 🌺”
Q: O que significa you don't collect hearts?
A: This idiom is applied "emotionally" so whether or not it's in the heart of mentally.. It can be used.
Q: O que significa eat them to our hearts' content?
A: It means to eat however much of something that you want to eat. Eating a food until you are content
Q: O que significa The more far apart your hearts are, the louder you have to get your voice heard.?
A: hmmm I'm not quite sure. Grammatically it should probably be, "The farther apart your hearts are, the louder you have to speak / be to get your voice heard."

It could mean that the more different your opinions / feelings / thoughts are, the more you have to do to convince the other person to agree with you.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre He will remain in our hearts e He will stay in our hearts ?
A: The meaning of the sentences is both the same. Remain its just a fancier way to say it.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Or simply fill our hearts with tenderness.what does “simply “mean in this sentence
A: thank you so much
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? Get well soon Lebanon. our hearts beirut with you
A: "Get well soon Lebanon. Our hearts are with you, Beirut!
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? hearts of iron
A: cold hearted

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Q: What does 'collecting hearts' mean??
A: Heartbreaker person
Q: Not only our hearts get hurt by people at times, but also we get healing by another people. soa natural?
A: Your sentence has. some grammatical mistakes as well. I would say it something like this:
Although at times, our hearts get hurt by other people, they may also be healed by others.
Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar Those hearts look like butts..
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta
Q: to live in the hearts of those we leave behind is never to have died whatsoever. soa natural?
A: It isn't grammatically wrong, just feels slightly unnatural in the sense of, it's a poetic phrase and 'whatsoever' feels out of place for reasons I can't really put my finger on.

"At all" feels more poetic, basically. But no, it is not grammatically wrong.
Q: Which one of the two hearts more heavy? soa natural?
A: Maybe try, ''Which one of the two hearts is heavier.'' or "Which of the two hearts weighs more?'' or ''Which of the two hearts weighs the most?'' or ''Which heart will out weigh the other?'' or ''Which heart do you think weighs more.'' or ''Which heart do you think is the heaviest?'' or Which of the two hearts do you think weighs the most?'' Just some ideas, hope it helped. Good luck!

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