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Q: Fuller House is a sequel to Full House. soa natural?
A: yes. but a full house is a card hand where you have three picture cards and two number cards. so Fuller house doesn't really make any sense.
Q: In Fuller House, Joey said "I'm 55-ish". I think this means "I'm about 55 years old", but is this general to use "-ish" like this?

Jesse: You know what's weird? Joey's 60 years old and he is still wearing the same bugs bunny pjs. "Thats" werid.

Joey: I'm 55-ish, and these happen to be brand new.
A: Number+ish is generally to express approximity because they know they are not sure to say the exact number, can be plus or minus.
-I'll come around 5-ish | How many people are coming with you? | Not sure, 30-ish I think.

Not only to number but sometimes to adjective.
-How are you feeling? | I am feeling okay-ish.
Q: Fuller house has come out on Netflix. I wonder whether or not I should subscribe it. But I already subscribe Hulu now... soa natural?
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