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Q: O que significa Spurred flour ?
A: 聞いたことないですよ
Q: O que significa smooth a flour and liquid mixture?
A: that's a weird sentence in that article but if you know the process for making crepes it makes sense. I'm assuming it's the part of the crepe process when the mixture is well...smoothed in the pan 😂 have you seen how crepes are made? It's similar to an omelet and a pancake but it's spread out smooth and very thin.
Q: O que significa flour?
A: Flour - Bột
Rice flour - Bột gạo
Q: O que significa plain flour?
A: Plain flour also called all purpose flour is a powder made from ground wheat. It can be used for several types of baked goods, bread, cookies, muffins and pie crust.
Q: O que significa flour (self raising)?
A: flour (self raising)= flour which when heated raises. You know when you watch break cook in a oven, it goes from a flat piece of dough to a big loaf of bread, that was caused by the flour which "raised" it. Meaning that the bread used "self raising" flour.

Hope this helps :)

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Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com flour.
A: You need flour to make bread
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com flour.
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com flour.
A: I made bread with wheat flour.

Palavras similares a "Flour" e suas diferenças

Q: Qual é a diferença entre I used to get flour from the government e I used to be supplied flour from the government ?
A: They mean exactly the same, just different wording
Q: Qual é a diferença entre How much flour do we have ? e How many bags of flour do we have ? ?
A: If you ask, “How much flour do we have?” The answer may be in bags or in kilos or in barrels or in whatever measure of quantity the person answering chooses. If you ask, “How many bags of flour do we have?”, then you are asking for an answer specifically in a quantity of BAGS.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre " flour " e " flower " au niveau de la prononciation ?
A: In British English there is a slight difference in that there is a slightly more distinct "w" sound in "flower". Apparently this is not the case in US English.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre pronunciación of "flour" e "flower" e flower and flour pronunciation. ?
A: I need flour for these cookies.
I need flowers to put on the table.
That is a beautiful flower.
Can you pass the flour?
Can you pass the flower?
How many flowers do you need?
How much flour do you need?
Q: Qual é a diferença entre flour e flower e Are they both pronounced the same? ?
A: Yes, both have the same pronunciation. But, aren't the same. "Flour" is a powder made by a grain, while "flower" is a plant.

You're welcome.

There are loads of words that have the same pronunciation, but aren't the same. For example: "piece" and "peace". One is part of something, while the last one is the opposite of war.

Traduções de "Flour"

Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? flour, flower
A: same pronunciation :) eventhough it has different meaning
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? flour and flower
A: Flour and Flower
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? flour 앞에 a 붙어야 하나요?
A: No. Since the flour is not countable, you can say I bought some flour today. Or I got the flour from the supermarket. But you can say a bag of flour or a cup of flour or a tablespoon of flour.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? flour flower floor
A: the first two sound the same. only "floor" is different.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? flour vs flower
A: Actually they share the same pronunciation /'flaʊə/

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Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar flour / flower.
A: they are the same
Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar flour and flower.
A: They both sound the same but different spelling. Context makes the difference.
Q: I must buy flour today. Because I’ll going to bake some breads tonight. soa natural?
A: i have to buy some flours today, because im going to bake some breads tonight
Q: 1.Bread comes out of flour.

2.We can't see the slight bacteria in the air. soa natural?
A: 1. Bread is made from flour.

(“Comes out” is used when something is derived from another, or from a source)
“Gasoline comes out of petrol”
“Paper comes out of this machine”

2. We can’t see the small / tiny / minuscule bacteria in the air.


2. We can’t see in the slightest the bacteria in the air.

(Slight describes a very small quantity of something, not their size.)
“There was a slight hint of garlic in the food”, a very small amount of garlic taste.
Q: do flour and flower sound the same?

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