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Q: Qual é a diferença entre dependency e relationship ?
A: as i understand it, “relationship” is the connection of two equals while “dependency” is the connection of major and minor.

family relationship is the connection of people who are the family and have similar possibilities because of these connection.

abuse dependency means that - for example - one person dominates over another and has much more power.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre dependency e addiction ?
A: if you are dependant on something u can't live normal life without that thing

and if you are addicted of something you need more and more of it. high doses
Q: Qual é a diferença entre dependency e reliance ?
A: these words are used synonyms in most cases. they do mean the same thing -> an extreme need for someone or something for a specific reason (usually pertaining to physical survival or emotional state)

i feel as though to dependent seems more like as in your counting on someone, trusting and putting your confidence in them. I feel as though its more psychological/emotional and can change.

while reliant/to rely, i would use in more serious urgent survival matters where you NEED to count on the thing/person

Students rely on money from home in order to study.

but "Students depend on money from home in order to study" is very acceptable as well
Q: Qual é a diferença entre dependency e addiction ?
A: “Dependent” = relying on, or needing

He is “dependent” on his wife to cook him food.
The baby is “dependent” on his mom to survive.
The opposite of “dependent” is “independent”

“Addiction” is used when one is obsessed with or feels as if they need something. It is often a psychological condition or a compulsive behavior. It is not good to have an addiction because it causes you to become “dependent” on something. Those with “addictions” feel as if they have no control and they cannot resist the things that they are “addicted” to.

He struggles with an “addiction” to drugs.
She is “addicted” to working out.

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Q: - They have strong dependencies on each other.
ex) This is a problem of which decision variables have strong dependencies on each other.

dependencies on 〜, dependencies of 〜, dependencies for 〜, or other one? soa natural?
Thank you (*´ω`*)
Q: Given its high dependency on imported sources of energy like coal, oil and nuclear; which make it vulnerable to shifts in global market prices, Italy has intended to swift to renewable energy sources, on which it seeks to depend to a share of 25% by 2020 soa natural?
A: Italy has intended to change...
it would sound better if you change swift to change.

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