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Q: O que significa to crave ?
A: The most common use is talking about food:
"I crave pizza" - I really want to eat pizza, and right now nothing will taste as good as pizza would. I need to eat a pizza

To crave something means you desire it and you feel like you have to satisfy that desire

"I crave attention" - I really want attention and I feel like I need a lot of it right now

"I crave violence"
This one is very rarely meant literally.
Literally, it would mean "I really want to be violent, and I feel like I need to satisfy this urge."
In actual use, people might say it when they have long-term anger or frustration due to unfair society or an unfair life, and just need to express themselves a bit by saying this, but they don't actually plan to be violent.
Then, there are things like the popular sound on TikTok, "Mother, I crave violence." In this use, for example with a cat video, is just a way for people to laugh at their cat's silly and energetic behavior
Q: O que significa crave ?
A: Crave is when you desire something, usually food. It basically mean when you really want something
I crave chocolates = I desire chocolates = I really want chocolates
Q: O que significa crave?
A: need badly
Q: O que significa crave?
A: A strong desire to eat something,
Q: O que significa "crave"?
A: to really want something, or to have a great desire for something.

Ex: I was craving choclate, so I ate a whole candy bar.

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Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com "To crave" - does it sound natural? .
A: Pregnant women are known to have cravings.
I’m craving chocolate right now.
You need to control your cravings.
He craves company.
I used to crave sweets all the time, but now I don’t really like them.
“to crave” is not used often. It us mainly used when talking about pregnancy and chocolate, but can be used for other things as well.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com "crave".
A: "Right now I'm really craving chocolate."

Crave is usually use when you really want to eat something such as chocolate or candy etc
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com crave.
A: I am craving Thai food right now, but I am not going to buy any because the Thai food in Japan just isn't the same! I am craving real Thai food that I can only get in Thailand.

I am getting a craving for ice cream but I shouldn't eat it because I am trying to lose weight.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com crave.
A: Most common context for crave is food.

For example: I'm craving chocolate.

There are other ways to use crave

Such as; He craved victory.
Meaning he really wanted to win.

Crave just means you really want something.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre crave e desire ?
A: A craving is more intense than a mere desire.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre crave e ask ?
Quite different. You crave something that you really, really want (to eat, usually)!
e.g. I'm craving hot and spicy Doritos right now...

'Ask' is when you request something of someone. You ask a question, for a favour etc.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre crave e desire e covet e long e want ?
A: These words all have the same basic meaning. To get more detailed though, covet is often used to convey jealousy. Crave is a very intense longing, almost like something that you need to live (pregnant women have cravings, people crave attention). Long and desire are very similar since they’re both when you intensely want something.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre crave e desire ?
A: I crave for ice cream

I desire ice cream

First one is more colloquial and other is more related to writing and narrating a boring story
Q: Qual é a diferença entre crave e slide ?
A: do you also mean carve?
Because 'crave' means to want something. Carve means to cut something into a specific shape. To slice means to cut something in half with a knife.

Outras perguntas sobre "Crave"

Q: I crave for traveling soa natural?
A: × I crave for traveling
✓ I crave traveling.

Q: I extremely crave fish soa natural?
A: Sounds dramatic.

You could say “I crave fish”


“My craving for fish is extreme.”
Q: I crave for you soa natural?
A: I'm craving you

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