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Q: O que significa convinience store ?
A: @tayashm and is it common to say

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre convinience store e grocery store ?
A: A convenience store is a small store where you can buy chips, soda, drinks, cigarettes etc. (in the U.S., a convenience store in other countries might have different products). Something like 7-11.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? convinience
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Q: A: I’m going to the convinience store.
keep an eye on my phone.
B: sure thing. soa natural?
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Q: I could see he was in the convinience store from the outside so I didn't get in. soa natural?
A: Just one point really... "get" makes it awkward at the end - it sounds as though you were *not able to go in*

--> "I could see (that) he was in the convenience store from (the) outside, so I didn't *go* in."
--> "From (the) outside I could see that he was in the convenience store, so I didn't *go* in."

However, the original sentence can work if you provide additional circumstances. ie...
"*I followed the rock star from his home to the shopping street.* I could see he was in the convenience store from the outside, *but when I tried to run in to talk to him his bodyguard blocked the door*, so I didn't/couldn't get in to see him.

or something like that...

Hope this helps!
Q: I found convinience app recently. The app is teach me where I want to go .If I found app long ago, I hadn't always got lost when I go travel. soa natural?
A: Understandable. But these corrections are recommended:
I found a convenient app recently. The app directs me where I want to go. If I had found this app long ago, I wouldn't have always gotten lost when traveling.

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