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Q: O que significa After enough conditioning, the person will stop any attempts to avoid the pain, even if they see an opportunity to escape.?
A: it means:
after they've been trained enough
after they've been made used to ___

Q: O que significa I'm conditioning you?
A: Context could change this a little bit but, in general, to 'condition' someone would mean to 'make them used to' something or to 'prepare' for something.

By practicing at high altitudes, you are 'conditioning' your body to require less oxygen.
Q: O que significa conditioning?
A: becoming accustomed to something
determining the outcome of something
Q: O que significa conditioning didn't work for Sammy ?
A: "conditioning" is term used in psychology.

There are two types of conditioning:

Classical conditioning — where you train a person (or an animal) to respond to a certain stimulus (like a specific sound or visual cue) with a particular behavior.

Example: if you play a sound each time you give a dog food, then when you play the sound in the future, the dog will react excited like it is getting food even if you do not actually give the dog food (you just play the sound). In other words, you train the dog to associate the sound with food and respond like it's getting food.

Operant conditioning — where you train a person (or an animal) to perform a certain behavior in order to gain a reward or avoid a punishment.

Example: you train a dog to do a trick by giving the dog a reward each time it does the trick correctly and/or punishing the dog if it does not do the trick correctly.

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Q: ( prepare for extreme conditioning and self-sacrifice...) soa natural?
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