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Q: O que significa I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card, I’m gonna carve him up real nice. by Scarface1983?
A: When Tony says this in Scarface, he's saying that he really wants a green card, so he would use his knife to kill someone in a particularly violent way to get one (a green card).

He's saying that he would use his knife on them like he would on animal meat ("carve a turkey" means to cut its cooked meat into slices) or on wood (to carve wood is to cut into it, to make a sculpture, for example.)

He's a psychopath. He's saying that he will be MORE violent because he's MORE eager. He's suggesting that he will take pleasure in carving someone up.
Q: O que significa communist?
A: It's a political idiology popularised by carl Marx. It basically means capital is owned by the workers rather than the supervisors. Similar to the USSR
Q: O que significa Capitalist and communists ?
A: They are different forms of goverment. For example the United States is capitalist and Russia is communist.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? 공산당은 공산당 방식으로 파괴해야
1.The communist Party to destroy, in a Communist way
2.destroy to the communist Party, in a Communist way
which is correct?

The Communist Party must be destroyed in a Communist way.

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Q: the U.S.-backed ~ to communist ~
what does it mean?
~ to ~, means what? like fight against?
please let me know an exact meaning of
~ to ~, and examples :)

original text : of the U.S.-backed South Vietnamese government in Saigon to communist North Vietnamese forces.
A: @ttlearner the 1975 fall of the U.S.-backed South Vietnamese government in Saigon to communist North Vietnamese forces.

“The fall of — to —“
Q: I can’t imagine like communist party of China. soa natural?
A: I can’t imagine what the communist party of China is like.
Q: What do you think about communist
A: Bad. Most Americans understand that communism is not good for a countrys economy and people.
Q: Why isn't the communist party popular?
the USA society is widening the gap between rich and poor. I only know Barnie sanders assert social democracy.
A: I personally think it's because of the Cold War and the fear a lot of Americans had for the USSR a few decades ago.

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