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Q: O que significa causal? ?
A: having a relationship between "A" and "B", where the effect of A is B

The extreme heat was causal in the migration of animals from the region.

(unless you mean "casual", which is a different word)
Q: O que significa the tend'ency is to project causal responsibility outward.
in this sentence what is 'to project' meaning?
I already search the meaning of project but can't interpret
A: The pic I sent is what goes on in my head when I hear or read "[person or object] projecting [something]".

In your sentence, something is projecting the image of casual responibility. I have no idea what the context of that is, so I can only guess that it's probably something like trash on the floor. When people see it, they feel like they have a responsibility of picking it up and throwing it in a trashcan. The trash projects casual responsibility to people that see it.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre causal time e quality time ?
A: casual time: leisure time, free time

I had some casual time yesterday.

quality time: good time , great time

I had some quality time with my lover last night.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre in causal conversation e in a casual conversation ?
A: oh that’s ok

But if you say “in casual conversation”, it’s incorrect

If it was a native speaker, I think they forgot to add an article or make it plural
Q: Qual é a diferença entre causal connection e causal relation ?
A: There really isn't a difference to be honest

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Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar causal reasoning.
Q: I doubt causal relationship of smoking and lung cancers.That’s because we can see a lot of old men of longevity which haven’t got lung cancers. soa natural?
A: I doubt that smoking causes lung cancer. That’s because we can see a lot of old men which haven’t got lung cancers.
Q: how to express"I am more than happy to help you" in causal or formal or just not too much causal neither too much formal ?
Will it differ from situation?Should I pay attention for it?
A: You can say
“I’m glad to have helped”
“I’m happy to help you”
“I’m happy to help”
Q: "It's really funny." In causal, could this sentence say in other way?
A: You can also say "It's hilarious "
Q: What is possibly a more causal way to say: "Please don't feel obligated to keep me company when I'm there."
A: "It's fine, you don't need to keep me company."

"I'll be fine by myself, don't worry."

"You don't need to be here, it's fine."

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