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Q: O que significa auther teach finally how to build communities-armies of exponentially enabled individuals willing. can u explain this sentence grammatically??ex)teach is verb. . .?
A: The writer is going to teach the reader to get a group of very intelligent people who want to help them in their task.
Q: O que significa forward by... (after an auther's name)?
A: John Doe wrote the book.

Jane Doe writes the introductory chapter.

Jane Doe might be the translator of John Doe's foreign or ancient writing.

Jane Doe could also be a professor or researcher who specializes in John Doe's field.

Jane Doe might also be someone related to John Doe, when the writing is published after John's death, or reprinted as a new edition.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre auther e writer ?
A: A writer just means someone who writes, but an author means someone whose writing has been published. A person who writes stories is a writer, but if those stories have not been published they are not an author.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre auther e writer ?
A: A writer writes
-writing books, short stories, novels, etc.

An author writes a book that’s been published

Once a writer publishes a book, they are called an author (of that book).
Q: Qual é a diferença entre auther e writer ?
A: If you have written a book or an article you are an author, you could be a writer of any piece of text like you just did.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? كيف اقول (انا مُتعبة)
I know tired and sick but I think there is auther ways to say it ...😬
A: I'm tired is the most common.
I'm sick would not be appropriate, but I'm exhausted would also work

exhausted just means very very tired

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Q: why did auther use 'print' instead of 'write'? I think 'print' is doing it with machine .
A: I do think "print" sounds a little strange here. Sometimes "print" is used when talking about handwriting to mean it's not written in cursive.
Q: why auther say ' took rocks out of' not ' put rocks into pocket ' we need to let him not float .
A: The author is saying this as a joke. The driver told the character to take rocks out of his pocket because they are heavy.
The Dad jokes and says that he would float away if they took the rocks out, which means he is very light.

Hope this helps. :)
Q: The auther thinks that we catch a cold because our body need to.
He thinks cold go through our body. He says it in a unique way, "We pass through a cold".
He also says that if we force myself to cure cold by medicine, our body will not able to cure it by itself and become weak to catch bad diseases.
soa natural?
A: I was a little confused by what you were talking about, but I tried to fix it.

"The author thinks that we catch colds because our bodies need to. He thinks colds go through our bodies. He said it in a unique way, "we pass through a cold." He also says that if we force ourselves to cure the cold with medicine, our bodies will not be able to cure itself, which will make us becomes weak and catch bad diseases.
Q: He is most promising auther to get a Nobel prize.
soa natural?
A: "author for a Nobel Prize"

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