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Q: O que significa apprenticeship?
A: Someone assigned under a skilled employee to learn their trade.
Q: O que significa apprenticeship?
A: It's when you work with someone to learn a skill or trade. Like a doctor or a mechanic.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre apprenticeship e training ?
A: "Apprenticeship" is often used when you are working directly under someone who is personally training you in some kind of craft or trade, like woodworking. For instance, you would not use "apprenticeship" if you were getting training to be a supermarket cashier.

If this is part of your school course, you can use the word "practicum." A practicum is the practical training part of a school class.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre apprenticeship e traineeship e trial period ?
A: A traineeship is a training programme. A trial period is where someone is enjoyed for a period to see if they are able to do the job. An apprenticeship is a legally bound formal training course with a designated period and requirements for what is being learnt.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? apprenticeship
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Q: About apprenticeship in the UK

How many people get apprenticeship certification in the UK?
If I'm not affordable to go to uni in the UK, can it be decent back-up plan?
And is there any discrimination about apprenticeship certification when it comes to salary, job opportunity and social awarness?
A: Apprenticeships are getting more popular in the UK, nowadays many students want to get them, they are just hard to get (it’s very competitive). There may be discrimination amongst people, but for when getting a job apprenticeships might be better. Apprenticeships give you years of experience, so that when you are done with the apprenticeship, you already have experience in your job sector, you also have no debt like uni students will, you will be earning money instead. Because you have this experience, you will probably get better salaries and job opportunities, but of course this depends on the job (some might prefer a university degree) but nowadays, if you can get an apprenticeship degree, do it, it’s probably better depending on the work you want to do
Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar I want to get an apprenticeship in the future..
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Q: Such as apprenticeships in skilled professions.
Can I substitute apprentice for apprenticeship in this sentence?
Thank you
A: Apprentice and apprenticeships are not the same meaning. Think of an apprentice as a person doing an apprenticeship. (E.G. "The apprenticeship allows her to study computer design, but the apprentice only has entry-level knowledge.")
Q: I served my apprenticeship as a chef soa natural?
A: Very good

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