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Q: O que significa It's just that I thought that advancement at Roupp Pharmaceuticals came from years of hard work.It turns out all you have to do is be related to the boss. (( I can’t understand “It turns out ~ be related to the boss))?
A: @callmeJenny it turns out = finally, it has become clear that

be related to the boss = be a member of the boss’ family
Q: O que significa make advancements ?
A: thank you!

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre advancement in e advancement of ?
A: @167538a9 That is a very good question. It’s not easy because “advancement” has more than one meaning. In most cases (if not all) where advancement means “progress” they are interchangeable.

Ex. There has been significant advancement in technology for self-driving cars.
There has been significant advancement of the technology for self-driving cars.

Ex. I have noticed great advancement in the fighter’s muscle mass.
I have noticed great advancement of the fighter’s muscle mass.

When advancement means “physically moving forward”, you say advancement of, not in.

Ex. Yesterday there was a strong advancement of Norway’s army into Swedish territory.

Hope that helps!

Q: Qual é a diferença entre advancement e progress e improvement ?
A: To improve means to get better.
Ex: I improved a lot at the guitar.

Advancement and progress are synonyms so most of the time they can be used interchangeably.
Ex: I advanced to the next level/ I progressed to the next level.
I was making progress with the guitar/ I was advancing with the guitar. (In this case it's very similar to improve)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre advancement e advance (a noun ?
A: 「昇進」とか「促進」の意味では “advancement” が普通だけど、「〜の進歩/向上」と「前進」の意味であれば “advance(s)” が普通に使われます。
Q: Qual é a diferença entre advancement e development ?
A: Advancement means you are already good or adequate but development means you are starting from the bottom or nothing and you are getting better

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Q: I disagree that advancements in science and technology have made our lives better.
There are two reasons to support my opinions:Enviloment and Weapons.

First of all,our lives man have become enviroment.
However,I think that enviroment of the Earth is getting bad as our lives is getting convinient.
We can't live without clean air,water,and so on.
We shuold realize that enviroment of the Earth supports our daily lives.

Second,people have discovered and created many things.
For example,computers,how to make water clean,smartphones.
They make our lives fun and happy.
Most things people have created are good for us.
Howevere,some of them,like weapons,hurt and suffer us.
Therefore,we can't say advancement in science and technorogy gave me good influence completely.
In conclusion,considering Enviroment and Weapons,I don't believe advancements in science and technology have made our lives better.

soa natural?
A: Sounds natural☺️
Q: How and when this weird "advancement" system became the standard in the Japanese animation industry is vague and hard to specify. However, it was not until 1972 that it became the subject of open discussion. As I mentioned earlier, in 1972 Toei Animation, struggling with accumulated deficits, announced a restructuring of its animators and clashed with the labor union. The management finally dared to carry out a lockout.

Toei Animation at that time had two types of employees: (1) animators who had joined the company at a time when it was hiring wanna-be animators and who had remained in the permanent employment system, and (2) animators who had been hired by the company for a limited period of time after the company ceased to hire young wanna-be animators as employees, and who kept renewing their labor contract. Toei Animation was experiencing financial difficulties due to the decline of the film industry, and so it announced the mass dismissal of those who belonged to the first group and the cancellation of the renewal of the employment contracts of those who belonged to the second group, resulting in a full-scale clash with the in-house labor union. soa natural?
A: This sounds really good and also interesting!
But what do you mean by wanna-be”?

wanna-be is kind of a rude term to describe somebody because it implies that they’re not very skilled or worthy of their position.

you could say “aspiring”. this is a nice way to say that the wanna-be animators are passionate/enthusiastic about animation
Q: What is "professional advancement"? Is what it means different from the advancement (as in companies) in general?
A: @JennieHeo06 Professional in this case just means "business". I can see where you are coming from though. Professional can also mean higher quality. But in this case it just means the word "business". So professional advancement = business advancement = advancement.
Q: advancements in genetics over time soa natural?
A: It makes sense yes, but could you give the context of the sentence? As in, what came before “advancements in genetics over time.” Or is it a sentence on its own?
Q: the advancements in medical science make us live longer. soa natural?
A: If you want a more formal tone you can say: "...increase life expectancy."

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