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Q: O que significa accommodation?
A: Accommodation means a place to stay, for example, a home, hotel or apartment.

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Q: O que significa “make accommodation(s)” - used in this sentence ‘I trust my university to respond swiftly to give us instructions about what to do and make accommodations for those affected.’?
A: Make arrangements/changes
Q: O que significa How should I reply that?

What's your accommodation near??
A: Accommodation - where you are staying (hotel, Airbnb, house)

Near - close to something

“What things are close to where you are staying?”
Q: O que significa accommodation?
A: The root word "accommodate" means convenience or meeting someone's need.In a hotel, accommodations are the rooms and items provided to you by the hotel during your stay. If you stay overnight at someone's house, or a bed and breakfast, the host provides accommodations to make your experience more pleasant. This can be in the form of body or hand soap, shampoo, toothpaste, a spare toothbrush, towels, and so on.

I personally associate accommodation as guest-related or customer-related conveniences, to make sure they have the best experience where they receive a service.
Q: O que significa B&B (accommodation)?
A: Bed and breakfast.
A bed and breakfast is a house that rents out rooms for accommodations, and breakfast is included with the room. The owners usually live there and run the business.

Exemplo de frases utilisando "Accommodation"

Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com "accommodations" .
A: In this hotel the accommodations are quite comfortable.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com accommodations.
A: Noun:
all accommodations are for 7 nights and 8 days. (todos los paquetes son por 8 días y 7 noches. )

These rooms provide sleeping accommodations (Estas salas ofrecen alojamiento)

there are temporary accommodations for those who lost their homes. (hay casas provisionales para los que se han quedado sin techo. )

The hotel can accommodate 200 guests. El hotel puede acomodar a 200 huéspedes.

The receptionist did his best to accommodate my needs. El recepcionista hizo todo lo posible para satisfacer mis necesidades.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com accommodate, accommodation.
-I’m sure we can accommodate you.

-do you find this accommodation adequate?
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com accommodation.
A: There are 4 main meanings:

Housing, etc:
I live in temporary accommodation.

Room for people:
This yacht has accommodation for 12.

We have reached an accommodation with the model aircraft club, not to fly before 7 am.

We had to change our plans as an accommodation for Mr Fussy.
Q: Me mostre frases de exemplo com accommodation facilities.
A: The 'hotel' had an amazing view.

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Palavras similares a "Accommodation" e suas diferenças

Q: Qual é a diferença entre accommodation e arrangement ?
A: I would use “arrange (verb) the meeting” or “plan the meeting” (time/date/location). To “accommodate” (verb) is used for negotiation “we can accommodate your needs.” I left a picture below
Q: Qual é a diferença entre accommodation e apartment ?
A: An apartment is a room or a group of rooms in a larger building that someone lives in. There are usually many apartments in a building.

An accommodation is a place where someone can sleep. Houses, apartments, hotels, hostels (ホステル), RVs (キャンピングカー) and camp sites (キャンプ場) can all be accommodations.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre It's an accommodation called steam bath. e It's a facility called steam bath. ?
A: Both words are rarely used in speaking. Saying “it’s called a steam bath” is more common.

An accommodation is for travelers:
“The hotel has an accommodation called a steam bath”

A facility is for anyone:
“The bath-house(銭湯) has a facility called a steam bath.”
Q: Qual é a diferença entre accommodation covered e accommodation provided ?
A: Covered could imply the cost of the accommodation is also taken care of while provided most likely means it's available for you but might not be paid for...
Q: Qual é a diferença entre accommodation e hotel ?
A: 'accommodation' is a general term for the place you stay. It could be a hostel, home stay, apartment, hotel, etc.

A hotel is always a place (usually one building) with rooms for visitors.

Traduções de "Accommodation"

Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? accommodation
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? accommodation
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (Reino Unido)? accommodation
A: accomoDAtion
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? does it sound right: I’m positively not satisfied with bad accommodation.
A: Just say "I'm not satisfied with a bad accommodation".
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? accommodation
A: Verifique a pergunta para ver a resposta

Outras perguntas sobre "Accommodation"

Q: We have reimbursed you your accommodation fee by mistake. It was short by one night. We will pay you the shortage of the accommodation fee for one night again.
We are very sorry about this mistake. soa natural?
A: Mistakenly, we reimbursed you for the wrong number of nights. We still owe you reimbursement for an additional night of accommodations. We apologize for the inconvenience and will remedy the situation right away by issuing a reimbursement for the remaining balance.
Q: Por favor me mostre como pronunciar ‎We already finished an accommodation reservation..
A: We already made a reservation for accommodation OR we already booked our accommodation
Q: We already finished a accommodation reservation. soa natural?
A: Sounds good. Just say “an” instead “a” because the next word begins with a vowel. Say “an accommodation”.
Q: ‎‎B: What do you mean by "of accommodation"?
‎A: Where is the word, "of accommodation"?
B: It's in the first example sentence of "semi-furnished". soa natural?
A: B: It's in the first example sentence of "semi-furnished". IS WRONG

It must be:
B: It's in the definition of the word "semi-furnished" enclosed by parenthesis.


B: It is actually the definition of the word "semi-furnished".

"OF ACCOMMODATION OR SEMI-FURNISHED" means that there are few things that can be found in that place or was there already.

For example:

The apartment comes with a semi-furnished rooms. (Which means that the apartment already have few equipments or furnitures or appliances inside the apartment.)
Q: I would be grateful, if you could suggest appropriate accommodations from 1 June till 5 June. soa natural?
A: In the US we typically write dates using Month / Day / Year. So it would be "June 1 til June 5". If you want to get even more formal, "June 1st til June 5th".

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